Nick Kavadias


30 Jun 2015

Finding databases which use 'Enterprise' features in SQL Server

In situations where SQL Server database servers are being migrated to new instances and the source instance is running Enteprise Edition, the question often arises: do we need to use Enterprise edition? Standard Edition is cheaper!  While this isn't a question which can be answered by functionality alone, (i.e.

24 Nov 2013

Automatically unlocking a service account in Active Directory

Yes, crazy that this can happen. But sometimes you just have to live by other people’s (.i.e the sysadmin’s) rules. 

Here’s some VBScript on making sure a service account stays unlocked.  You can schedule it to run periodically.  The account it’s run as needs permission to unlock the service account, obviously.

14 Aug 2012

Getting around ORA-00054 in Oracle 10g

In 10g, if you are trying to make DDL changes on a busy object, you’re met with:

ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified

If you google how to fix this, your told to re-run the transaction, or find out what’s locking the object. If your trying to make schema changes on a live system in a scripted/automated way, you dont want to interfere with production processes and you need to deal with re-running the transaction in an automated way. This is the solution.

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