Thanks to this post, I was able to solve a problem that had no solution online: the ability to programmatically create a translation with all the fields of the original node. I scoured for solutions and found none, but thanks to your suggestion on iterating over fields, I was able to do it. Huge thank-you!

Here's the basic code that did it. I'm sure it needs tweaks as I'm skipping all non-fields except for path, but for now it's getting the job done!

        $node_trans = $node->addTranslation('en-au'); // sample using Australian English
        $node_trans_fields = $node->getTranslatableFields();
        foreach ($node_trans_fields as $name => $field) {
          if (substr($name, 0, 6) == 'field_' || in_array($name, ['body', 'path'])) {
            $node_trans->set($name, $field->getValue());
        try {
        catch (\Exception $error) {
          $add_status .= 'ERROR saving ';
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