This is possible with the 8.x-3.x branch.

The easiest way to do it would be to implement your own sitemap generator plugin by extending Drupal\simple_sitemap\Plugin\simple_sitemap\SitemapGenerator\DefaultSitemapGenerator. You can then tweak the sitemap structure to your liking.

If you need URLs to also inject different data into the sitemap structure, implement a UrlGenerator plugin by extending the various URL generators, like Drupal\simple_sitemap\Plugin\simple_sitemap\UrlGenerator\EntityUrlGenerator.

In order to replace the old sitemap and URL generator plugins with the new ones, either use the API method to alter the default or add a new sitemap type definition:

  1. \Drupal::service('simple_sitemap.generator')
  2. ->setSitemapTypeDefinition('default_hreflang', $definition);

... or use some hooks to alter the definition at runtime as this API example exemplifies:

  1. function hook_simple_sitemap_types_alter(array &$sitemap_types) {
  3. // Remove the custom links generator from the default sitemap type definition.
  4. $key = array_search('custom', $sitemap_types['default_hreflang']['url_generators']);
  5. unset($sitemap_types['default_hreflang']['url_generators'][$key]);
  7. // Define a new sitemap type to be generated with the default sitemap generator.
  8. // Make it use only the custom and arbitrary link generators.
  9. $sitemap_types['fight_club_sitemap_type'] = [
  10. 'label' => t('Fight Club Sitemap'),
  11. 'description' => t('The second rule of Fight Club is...'),
  12. 'sitemap_generator' => 'default',
  13. 'url_generators' => [
  14. 'custom',
  15. 'arbitrary',
  16. ],
  17. ];
  18. }

Hit me with any questions you might have. I will be publishing a blog post about all new features of 8.x-3.1 as soon as 3.1 arrives.

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